About Me

The use of vibrant and energetic colours throughout my artworks celebrates my love and passion for abstract acrylic painting.

My work concentrates on capturing the most powerful emotions and feelings of our life, wether that be pain, sorrow, joy, happiness, acceptance. I celebrate it all through a pour of colours that flow smoothly across the canvas creating strong, moving and powerful patterns. 

The patterns created during the process are authentic, raw and original in its very own way resulting in one of a kind works of art.

I find it fascinating how colours and paint can create intimate connections with our mind, body and soul. The energy and vibrations created through such a connection consistently flow naturally through all of my pieces.

"My art is a glimpse of my soul, deep and beautiful".
- Anne Jenner

Over the last 4 years I experienced art to be a therapeutic mechanism that helped me welcome and embrace my emotions while offering a level of grounding through the process of self- expression. As a qualified Holistic Art Therapist I am a true believer that painting is one way of understanding and taking a deeper dive into our emotions and feelings, helping one to celebrate life while also finding ones true self through the journey. 

When I'm not in my studio painting my heart out, you can find me connecting with nature, embracing the beautiful beaches that Australia is known for, or you'll see me connecting and appreciating my relationships with my family and friends. 


 Anne Jenner
- Anne Jenner -